Nu-Vitality Corporate Nutrition Programs - Let us help you invest wisely for a healthier organization.

Nu-Vitality provides customized on-site nutrition and healthy eating programs that can help your organization increase productivity and decrease absenteeism. Since 1998, Nu-Vitality Programs have helped employees across Canada lose thousands of pounds, improve their health, better manage stress and sleep, and increase productivity at work. With three core offerings:

  • Nutritional seminars
  • On-Site Healthy Eating Programs, and
  • Weight Loss Challenges

Nu-Vitality has a Program that will fit your budget and business environment.

Our clients consist of over 100 organizations across Canada that include private, public and voluntary sectors as well as Employee Assistance Providers.

Nu-Vitality has provided educational seminars, proprietary nutrition programs and follow-up care, with such organizations as:

  • Toronto Police Service
  • National Quality Institute (NQI)
  • Bic Inc. Canada
  • TDL Group (Tim Horton's)
  • Capital One
  • Telus Mobility
  • Zenon Environmental (GE)
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  • Town of Richmond Hill
  • City of Oshawa
  • Town of Markham
  • University Health Network (UHN)
  • Durham Regional Police
  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • County of Wellington

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